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Dr. Mark Sinclair
Dr. Mark Sinclair, Mentor Education

FPA announces referral deal with industry super sector.

21 October 2013
David Atkin Cbus chief executive

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has strengthened  its ties with the super sector by announcing a new professional referral service.

The FPA has said that the referral deal described as being a ‘landmark agreement’ is a pilot program being run with a 700,000-member construction and building industry fund Cbus, following months of collaboration.

Under the trial FPA professional practices in certain geographical regions that meet select professional criteria may accept referrals of eligible Cbus members seeking professional financial planning services and David Atkin Cbus chief executive said that the pilot allows fund members to access financial planning services delivered by a CFP practitioner. “This is an exciting step. And we look forward to rolling out the initial pilot scheme to Cbus members in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory,” Atkin has said.

Atkin has also hinted that if the outcome of the initial phase is successful there was a strong potential for the programme to become a national scheme for all eligible Cbus members.

Atkin was also singing the praises of the FPA for its foresight in implementing the program and said the fund welcomed the ongoing collaboration with the FPA to ensure the joint initiative is a success.

Mark Rantall FPA chief executive has responded by praising Cbus for “a significant and healthy step in the right direction for the financial planning profession” and said that, “it’s a practical example of the ongoing joint dividend that flows from choosing professionalism: good for Australian investors, good for the professionals who serve them.”

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