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Dr. Mark Sinclair
Dr. Mark Sinclair, Mentor Education

Will MOOCs have an affect on business degrees?

5 July 2013

The popularity of open online courses gaining significant momentum presents an interesting array of challenges, opportunities and possibly threats for Australia’s postgraduate business and management educators.

There has been recent discussion regarding just to what affect the massive open online course (MOOCs) will affect Master of Business Administration and executive MBA programs due to both the diversity and range of courses currently available with quality assurance becoming a strong talking point. Also a major issue regarding MOOCs is how much value the market will place on a certificate of completion from a MOOC as some courses reflect high production values and others not. Other major factors include the ability of the institution to be able to translate the class to an online format in an engaging way, and the attitude and motivation of the student to be able to gain a full appreciation and benefit of a MOOC.

While students have reacted enthusiastically to online courses as they are designed for convenience and offer the student the flexibility of being able to work, or raise a family, educators are concerned that their positions within institutions may be at risk or replaced with online courses.

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